Book reviewers, newspapers, magazines, other authors, teachers, parents, and people just like you have read The Adventures of Charlie Pierce books and offer their praise and endorsement.

“Not only is The Last Egret an enthralling adventure story; it presents a vital message, perhaps even more important today than it was in the 19th century. Only if we understand and love the natural world will we preserve it. This is a book that will surely excite young people about the heritage they must preserve.”
— Frank B. Gill, President, National Audubon Society; Past President, American Ornithologists’ Union
“A fast-paced adventure that will capture the imagination of young and old readers alike, The Last Egret paints a compelling picture of Florida’s magnificent natural history during the time of the early pioneers. Harvey Oyer’s deft prose introduces readers to the great diversity of wildlife and plants that make Florida’s biological treasures unique across the globe and worth conserving for future generations.”
— Evan M. Hirsche, President, National Wildlife Refuge Association
“I was enthralled. An unforgettable tale of adventure that will captivate young readers and educate them about the wonders of what Florida once looked and felt like. The Adventures of Charlie Pierce: The Last Egret is an important ‘must read’ for generations of young people who crave adventure.”
— Nathaniel Reed, Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of the Interior; Chairman, Natural Resources Defense Council; Vice Chairman, National Audubon Society; Vice Chairman, The Nature Conservancy
“The third volume in the Charlie Pierce series has a bit of everything for young readers. They will be captivated by this terrific mystery and... they will learn a great deal about Florida’s early history, its native people, its geography, and its biological uniqueness. Our three heroes... are up to their necks in adventure and the search for exotic plants in Florida’s maze of islands and wilderness. Is it exotic plants or something more dangerous? Read this wonderful story and find out.”
— Dr. David R Colburn, Past Chair, Florida Humanities Council; Past Chair, Federation of State Humanities Councils
As the Academic Coordinator of an independent school, we are always looking for books that will engage young boys and instill a love of reading. Harvey Oyer has created that in his newest book, The Last Egret: The Adventures of Charlie Pierce, Volume 2. The book is great for boys and girls, but boys will love the adventure Charlie and his friends take in this second installment. The vocabulary Mr. Oyer uses is appropriate and challenging all at the same time. As an outsider (I grew up in Oklahoma), the visual images and explanations Mr. Oyer provides create a wonderful visual image of his beloved home and that of his ancestors. The message of this book is also very timely - students of all ages are becoming more and more aware of the damage we are doing to our earth and her natural resources. This is a great book for all ages!
— Meredith R. Brown, Amazon Review
A tale of Seminoles, Calusa Indians, Spanish Conquistadors, crocodiles, and a cast of colorful characters makes for another great addition to the Charlie Pierce series. Harvey Oyer has once again taken the reader on a journey into Old Florida. The Last Calusa is certain to become a favorite with readers and provides a well-researched and compellingly told story that will thrill young and old alike, while profiling the state’s rich history. The Charlie Pierce series should become required reading for every student in schools throughout the state.”
— C.J Roberts, President and CEO, Tampa Bay History Center
“... author Harvey Oyer takes us on a flat boat journey through the primeval bays, rivers, swamps, and hammocks of South Florida with Charlie Pierce, his sister, Lillie, a Seminole friend, Tiger Bowlegs, and two naturalists from Yale. Their search is for an elusive “ghost orchid.” Or is it? Read on. And open your imagination.”
— Dr. Michael Gannon, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of History, University of Florida
Oyer injects Florida history into an adventure book that is fun for children and adults alike. Encourage everyone to read more and leave this book out on the coffee table. I recommend this as a must read for anyone thinking of moving to Florida. Charlie’s family are early settlers in Florida and they survive a hurricane. A funny side-note, surprisingly the Oyer family now runs an insurance office in Boynton Beach, Florida. I had an opportunity to meet Harvey Oyer, a very nice man, and he has a real passion for Florida history. We need more books like this.
— "Bananasaurus," Amazon Verified Purchase
“I heard you speak at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Jupiter back in March I think. I bought 2 sets of books for my grandchildren. My granddaughter, age 7, has already read both of them and really enjoyed them. She phoned me from Tampa the other day and asked if I could get her some more books about Charlie Pierce. She really loved the stories and wants to hear more about Charlie. My daughter loved reading them too, since she was raised here in Jupiter. Thank you for sharing your family’s story, and making history come alive for the children and helping to inspire them to learn more about our area’s history. Please write more books and continue the story.”
— Reader
“Oyer does an excellent job weaving a lot of factual information... into a thrilling fictional story that will appeal to readers of all ages.”
— National Home School Book Review
“Highly entertaining and informed about Florida’s Everglades... One wild adventure... This is an excellent book for readers of all ages.’
— Partick D. Smith, Author of A Land Remembered
History teachers will love it for obvious reasons. Science teachers will love it for the flora and fauna. Writing teachers will revel in the many examples of similes and the rich vocabulary... A superb story!”
— Pat Kissel, Elementary School Teacher
“Once again Harvey Oyer has written a marvelous children’s book based on Florida history and the stories of his pioneer family. It is a wonderful history lesson as well as a lesson on the importance of protecting Florida’s unique natural environment and how one person can make a difference.”
— Arva Moore Parks, Historian
This is a great story and gives the readers a wonderful idea of what it must have been like for those early brave adventurous people who first lived in a pristene wilderness of Florida. This book is required reading in some schools, if you want to know which schools, I will ask the author’s sister for this information. I loved reading all the stories about Charlie Pierce.
— "Alice," Amazon Verified Purchase
Florida is a natural setting for adventure stories, and Harvey Oyer’s books prove that kids don’t need a magic wand to enter a magical place. A great read that will get kids thinking about what they know - and what they don’t know - about the history of the places where they live.”
— James G. Cusick, President, Florida Historical Society
Wonderful story that is full of adventure. It reminded me of Huckleberry Finn meets the Hardy Boys in Florida. This story is fun, mysterious, and exciting.
— A. Carpenter, Amazon Verified Purchase