The Adventure of Charlie Pierce

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Here you will learn about Charlie Pierce and his great adventures. Readers of all ages will be captivated while following the epic tales of Charlie and his Seminole friend, Tiger Bowlegs. This Website is your invitation to explore the world of Charlie Pierce.  


In 1872, eight-year-old Charlie Pierce arrived with his Mama and Papa in the frontier jungles of South Florida. The Atlantic coast of Florida was a wild place, populated by Seminole Indians, alligators, shipwrecks and a few hardy pioneer families. Charlie’s adventures began right away. Despite Over 40 years of wars between the Seminole Indians and the white man, Charlie meets and befriends a young Seminole boy named Tiger Bowlegs. Together they explore their surroundings and grow a friendship that helps to end hostilities between their peoples. Along the way, Tiger teaches Charlie the Seminole language, how to hunt and fish, and the ways of the indigenous peoples. Charlie and his family also encounter their first hurricanes, learn to survive in a foreign land, salvage shipwrecks, and discover Spanish treasure.
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During the late 19th Century, the fashion rage throughout America and Europe was colorful bird feathers to adorn people’s hats and clothing. Hunters killed millions of birds in the Florida Everglades to supply the booming trade in feathers. As teenagers, Charlie Pierce and his friends traveled deep into the unexplored Florida Everglades to hunt plume birds for their feathers. They never imagined the challenges they would encounter, what they would learn about themselves, and how they would contribute to American history.
The Last Egret