Map Illustrator Jeanne Brady Recognized



Jeanne Brady, Art Teacher at Rosenwald Elementary School was selected to create a map for the bookThe American Jungle: The Adventures of Charlie Pierce by Harvey Oyer III.

The book had already been printed but the Historical Society wanted an illustrated map to accompany the book so that children could relate the story to actual locations.

When the book went into its second printing, Mr. Harvey Oyer asked Mrs. Brady to reconfigure the map to the dimensions of the book so that it could be printed on the opening page.  She also illustrated a map for Mr. Oyer’s second book The Last Egret (The Adventures of Charlie Pierce)

“I felt it was an honor to contribute my work to such an important series of books,” said Mrs. Brady. “My students were very pleased to see my work and my name in the books.  It gave them the opportunity to see what kinds of work artists can do, and generated a discussion about what other jobs artists might be called on to do,” she added.

Students at Rosenwald will have the books available and she will also be doing an art project with the fourth grade students using the second book, The Last Egret.

“It is good for students to see that teachers have a lot to offer in the classroom and outside of the classroom as well, and that often our teaching is enhanced by the experiences we have in life,” stated Mrs. Brady.

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