How To Awaken The Power Of History In The Lives Of Our Children


What do you remember about History class? For those of us who stayed awake, History was a subject crammed with a never ending list of dates and events. Information overload shuts children down. History, like life, must be experienced if it is to have meaning and value. Short of using a time machine, history is best experienced through the stories about the lives of people who influenced history. Young students will become enthralled with history when they view it through the eyes and experiences of characters they can imagine themselves being. A storyline with suspense and adventure about real life experiences will turn on the mind and imagination of a child and make them want to learn more.

The power of history is awakened when a young person can see and fantasize what it would be like to live in a certain place at a certain time as important and life changing events unfold through a series of stories. Stories that reveal the history, geography, topography, customs and language of a specific place and time inhabited by colorful characters. One of the newest and most exciting series of books, especially suited for the tween age group, is The Adventures of Charlie Pierce. Your child or student can follow young Charlie and his family as they become the first settlers in the American Jungle, encounter wild animals, survive hurricanes, endure great personal challenges and discover Spanish treasure.