How Real Life Family Adventures Can Make Reading With Your Child Fun & Exciting


The importance and value of spending time reading with your child is well documented, proven and agreed upon by most experts. The real issue is that we as parents don’t know how to make our children love reading.The secret to success here is choosing a great story that engages both parent and child. Certainly there are classics such as The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer which have been enjoyed by generations of readers. These timeless stories are filled with fictional characters that come alive to their readers. Another source of great storytelling can be found in books that share the true life experiences of real characters. These stories also make reading come alive for your child. Most often these books go beyond telling a great story by also teaching values and moral lessons.

A new book series that has all of these attributes is The Adventures of Charlie Pierce. These are the best of true life stories that have been passed down through family members for five generations. Charlie Pierce led one of the most intriguing and exotic lives imaginable. His adventures as a young boy growing up in the wild, untamed frontier of Florida became legendary. Perhaps no other boy in America’s history experienced firsthand as many important events and met as many influential characters. Invite Charlie Pierce to become a reading ritual for you and your child and discover how real life family adventures make reading with your child fun and exciting.